Tuesday, November 1, 2011


No, it isn't the latest government agency or a newly diagnosed ailment you can treat with medication.  NaBloPoMo stands for "National Blog Posting Month".  It was inspired by NaNoWriMo (or "National Novel Writer's Month"), which also takes place each November.  In the latter the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month.  It doesn't have to be good.  In fact, it's almost a badge of honor to NOT write well, since the goal is simply to write and not mix the creative side with the editor.  I've completed NaNoWriMo several times and by Thanksgiving I'm so desperate to be done I resort to 4th grade book report-stretching techniques (such as writing "can not" instead of the one-word "can't" or saying the protagonist was "really, really, really, really mad.")  I would gain five pounds from late-night candy binges and roar with anger at every interruption.

The Vulcan reacts badly to my latest
writing project
My husband, The Vulcan, was thrilled when I informed him I would not be taking part in the annual torture of NaNoWriMo.  His seldom-seen smile quickly faded when I told him I decided to take part in NaBloPoMo instead.  The goal of NaBloPoMo is simply to write a blog post a day for the entire month of November.  Of course, my goal would be to write a daily post that is pithy, erudite, wonderfully obnoxious or informative.  Unfortunately I imagine many of my posts will come to resemble a blogging version of the aforementioned 4th grade report-stretching.  Some days I may be scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with something to write about, so don't be shocked if you end up reading about my (successful) efforts to cure my cats' mid-summer peeing-on-the-stairs problem or how I plan to keep my hound dog from chewing up the Christmas presents. 

The NaBloPoMo prompt of the day is:

What is your favorite part about writing?

My answer, unfortunately, is "when it's done."  Good-bye until tomorrow, my friends.

NaBloPoMo 2011


Alison said...

LOL! I thought there should be a blogging equivalent to the novel thingy in November. Don't have the energy to post every day, but I'll be checking in to see what's cooking here!

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking forward to reading a new post every day.

Kathie said...

Me too! Can't wait to read them. And you just gave me a horrible thought. Shiloh LOVES to tear up paper, I don't know what she'll do to the Christmas presents!

Nancy Susanna Breen said...

Um, you know I have this website that offers "nudges" for writers. Ever think of using one of THEM for inspiration for your blogs this month?

OneMommy said...

A new post every day, quite a feat!
I love to write my posts, but I think I'm more a 5 days a week kind of girl...
Good luck~!