Sunday, June 3, 2012


What do you mean I over-pack?
Hmmmm...I hope there's enough room in the trunk
for my sister's suitcase.
I'm not exactly sure how we decided on Niagara Falls for our vacation this year.  I do distinctly remember The Inmates' Uncle Chester jokingly saying, "Who wants to go over the falls in a barrel?"  And Foghorn immediately squealed, "I do!  I do!"

Tomorrow morning The Inmates, Uncle Chester, and I start off for an 8 hour drive to Niagara Falls, New York.  We have our passports packed and plan to head into Canada as well.  I refuse to indulge The Vulcan's request that I leave them there.  On the way back we're doing an overnight stop near Mansfield, Ohio, and plan to hit the supposedly haunted Mansfield Reformatory (the old prison where they filmed exteriors of The Shawshank Redemption).  I also refuse to indulge The Vulcan's request that I lock them in a cell and leave them there...

You can keep up with our activities by following me on Twitter or by "liking" my Facebook page.  (You can see the buttons for both on the upper right side of this page.)  If you have no interest in my children's obnoxious antics, feel free to ignore me for the next week.  My mother likes to see everything we're doing.  My husband likes to see what mischief his children are up to as he sits in peaceful, solitary bliss in front of his computer screen.  He's in charge of keeping the pets alive and the dogs are already starting to look worried.  They need not fear.  The worst he'll do is overfeed the dieting St. Jimmi.  In that case, she may be sorry to see us return. 

Have a good week!