Sunday, August 28, 2011


And my apologies to Mr. Stephen Sondheim.  Sundays around here are usually pretty laid back.  I take the Inmates to Grandma's for lunch, ensuring I get at least one home-cooked meal a week.  Kinda pathetic that the only sure way to get one is to have my mommy make it for me.

Grandma and Rusty
Today the weather in the Cincinnati area was absolutely gorgeous.  Those blue skies, that low humidity, and that 80 degree temperature.  A little slice of heaven before the 90 degree heat comes back later this week.  We took advantage of the day to take the dogs for a nice, woodsy walk.  One of their favorite trails is at the Meade Property on Lebanon Road in Symmes Township.


Life was simpler when we only had Frank, our lab mix who showed up in the backyard eight years ago and has been loved by us ever since.  When we adopted St. Jimmi from Recycled Doggies in March, we suddenly found ourselves with two fairly large dogs who absolutely can not be walked together by one person.  They're both strong and can pull a person off her feet.  Believe me, it's happened.  Now that The Professor is twelve, though, I figure it's about time he learn to control a dog and I put him in charge of Frank, the least unruly of the two.
Foghorn, The Professor, and Frank

The biggest problem The Professor has is that his mind is usually anywhere but on the task at hand.  That means he's wandering along, holding the leash, and thinking about Pokemon.  Or Doctor Who.  Or getting back to Grandma's for some Rolos.  Then a rabbit darts from the bushes and Frank makes a lunge and the boy is completely unprepared.  I keep a careful eye on the two of them, as I don't want damage done to my son or my dog. 

Today, all was smooth.  Well, as smooth as an outing with The Inmates ever can be.  Foghorn had emerged from the basement last night with her ancient Dora the Explorer princess carriage and horse.  She then decided to ride it around the house.  Understand, this girl is 4-1/2' tall, with legs that reach up to her armpits, and the carriage is meant for a 2" tall Dora.  It's preposterous, to say the least.  Nonetheless, she insisted on bringing it to the park and riding it along the trail.  It worked fine until, despite my warnings, she attempted to ride it on the unpaved part of the trail and quickly flipped onto her behind.  Carrying seemed the best option after that...

All the dogs had a lovely time, although they seemed fairly hot and thirsty and tired by the end.  St. Jimmi especially seemed to have been tuckered out by the experience.  Twenty feet from the van she plunked her massive backside onto the ground and made it clear she had no intention of moving.

And I leave you with a dog walker's question:  Why does the dog always decide to squat two minutes after you get on the trail, ensuring you have to go the rest of the mile carrying a smelly bag?

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Kathie said...

So my question is 'What do YOU make for dinner?'. I can cook, but very rarely do, so I'm interested in hearing what other moms, who also don't like to cook much, make. :-)

Shannon Breen said... defense of myself, I would cook more if I didn't have a table full of children making sour faces at their plates (and I include the Vulcan in there). When I cook it's usually your basic steak and mashed potatoes, crock pot turkey breast and mashed potatoes, ham...and mashed potatoes. I'd like something a little different but nobody else would touch it. I have enough trouble getting them to eat this stuff.

Kathie said...

Well, hell, Shannon. I totally consider that cooking, lol. Josh is my adventurous one and he really likes meat now. Ben is my child who will only eat Carbs. Tonight I made a taco bar using the laura's lean ground beef. Ben had a taco with mexican rice, corn and shredded cheese.

Shannon Breen said...

My girl is really bad about eating meat too, unless it comes out of a bag with a yellow M on it. Personally I'd like a little variety. If I try something new, nobody eats it. If I keep up with the same old stuff then I hear, "This AGAIN?" That's when I throw my hands up and order pizza for the rest of the week.

Nancy Susanna Breen said...

Really bummed I didn't feel up to this outing.

Anonymous said...

It was a really nice day in the park.