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One of the fabulous things about growing up in Oakley?  Aglamesis Bros. Ice Cream and Candy.  This family-owned operation has been in business since 1908 and has had their Oakley location since 1913.  (There is now another location in Montgomery, 15 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati.)  Their Oakley location is my favorite.  While the food is great anywhere, you can't beat the ambiance of the old building.

 Thanks to 21st century technology (namely a Facebook post), we found out they have a special flavor of ice cream at the moment -- Pineapple Pecan.  Well, that's as good of an excuse as any to head over to Oakley.  So, after stops at Half Price Books in Kenwood and Michael's in Hyde Park, I headed over to Oakley with Chester, Grandma, and The Inmates.

Aglamesis has, for my money, the best ice cream in Cincinnati.  (No offense to Graeter's, which is also very, very good.)  The Oakley location is like stepping back into an early 20th century ice cream parlor with tiled floors, marble-topped tables, and pink upholstered iron chairs.  On one side is the long ice cream counter adorned with Tiffany lamps.  On the other is the glass candy case with unbearably delicious chocolates, caramels, and marzipan.  Had I not been stuffed full of ice cream when I left I might have had to pick up a half pound of white chocolate covered cranberry clusters or sea salt caramels, both new to me.  My old stand-by is the vanilla nut caramels -- rich, buttery caramel mixed with walnuts.  Oh, my.....

 When eating in, we always sit at a table in the back, as far away from other customers as possible since we're never sure of Foghorn's antics.  Both side walls in back are mirrored and Foghorn spends the better part of the time looking at herself and making faces.  I would judge her harshly if not for the fact that it is an inherited behavior.  Not long ago my mother was talking about a letter she had sent my older sister (Chester) at  Ringling Bros. Clown College in 1977.  In recounting an evening out with me, my mother wrote:

...then walked up to Aglamesis where Shannon had a strawberry soda.  It took her so long to drink it, while looking at herself in the mirror, that they came back and asked if we wanted anything else and started cleaning up the table.  They even took the bill and my money and brought the change back while she was still preening and sipping."

Change the kid's name, and the strawberry soda to a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and you have a pretty good idea of what Foghorn's like at Aglamesis.  At one point The Professor started singing the theme to "Welcome Back, Kotter" and Foghorn started shaking her groove thing while staring at herself in the mirror (and wearing my sunglasses, which she had stolen).

But back to the important part...  The Pineapple Pecan ice cream gets two big thumbs' up from my mother and me.  We opted for the Tutti Frutti Split, which covered the ice cream in maraschino cherry sauce, real whipped cream, and nuts on top, hugged by two slices of banana.  We both agreed that it was delicious and that the ice cream by itself would have been just as good.  Chester got the Dutch Holland chocolate soda (I'm in love with those old fashioned metal glass holders) and The Professor got the vanilla malt (I'm in love with those old fashioned metal shake cups).

Oakley is 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, on the east side of the city.  Aglamesis is always worth the trip, whether eating in or grabbing some candy and pints of ice cream to go.  The Oakley location is at 3046 Madison Road.  Parking is available from a public lot just northeast of the store, next to the Blue Manatee children's book store.  For hours, history, and the sugary concoctions available, please check their website here.  If you have no plans to be in Cincinnati, please note they have an online catalog of wonderful items you can have shipped across the country.  Yummmmmmm...

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Kathie said...

You guys always do such fun things! I feel like a boring mom.

Anonymous said...

That Tutti-Fruitty Split was amazing.