Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I guess you know the first day of school wasn't a rousing success if your second grader has a protest in the evening.  Just before bed Foghorn went to her art supplies and, after stealing my roll of tape, began busily working with paper, markers, and Popsicle sticks.  Soon I began to hear hollering and stomping.  I emerged from the laundry room to find her, clad in her Grandma-made fancy blue dress, marching back and forth across the family room, holding a sign aloft.

And in a booming voice that would have been perfect for a 1970 Vietnam protest, she was chanting, "No school on Mondays!  It's not fair!"  I suspect this was yet another Arthur-inspired event, as I had seen her watching one of the PBS show's episodes earlier in the day, in which the kids were protesting the opening of a fast food chicken restaurant.  She paused briefly in her march to make signs and plaster them on all my interior doors.

She tried to get me involved, even bribing me with a special "Every Monday Off" bracelet and necklace.

I had my own counter-protest in mind, though, and began roaming the house yelling, "Have school on weekends!  All year school!"  She didn't find me amusing.

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Anonymous said...

I think everybody would be happy not to have to go out on Mondays. It could start a trend.

Kathie said...

How about "No work on Mondays". Tell her if she can get that accomplished I'll join her 'no school on Mondays' protest! :-)