Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I interrupt my regularly-scheduled sarcasm for this announcement:

Given the amount of time that I have been spending on the keyboard of late and the general...um...shall we say untidiness of my home, I've declared today No-Blog Tuesday, meaning I won't be writing a post.  OK, yes, technically this is a post, but  it's gonna be brief compared to my usual verbose ramblings.  The house has finally crossed that line between cluttered and non-functioning, so some elbow grease is in order today.  I have laundry to do (The Vulcan keeps snarling something about wanting clean underwear), I have errands (I got hell from The Professor for buying the wrong type caps for his new Derringer and need to make an exchange), and I have a tower of paperwork in my inbox that's threatening to take a tumble onto the floor (where my paper-devouring hound dog lurks).

And just to make all you ladies feel better about the states of your homes, I'm adding photos of the two areas I plan on excavating cleaning up today.

Apparently you can have too many purses...  The bench in the foyer tends to be the family
dumping ground when we walk in the door.

The top of my dining room table hasn't been seen since the beginning of summer.
I gotta do something about this before I lose something important like a
bill or my keys...or my child.

There, now don't you all feel better?  For all those who answered yes, I say, "You're welcome."  Now that I've publicly shamed myself, I better get to work.

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lillianscupboard said...

I know how you can whiz through a house and get it cleaned up in no time. I expect to eat at the dining room table when I come on Friday and maybe have some place to put MY purse down.

Nancy Susanna Breen said...

I could see you losing the Professor. But Foghorn? No way, just follow the sound of her voice...

Kathie said...

:-) don't you just love clutter. And if I thought I could truly lose a child in it, I'd say let the clutter build!! And I'll have you know, a messy house should never come before MY needs ;-) .

RadiantBrownBeauty.com said...

LOL! I am so there with you. I did however do laundry on Sunday. Took over 4 hours!

I'm going home in a few to give my hair and kids some attention now :-)

I need to pre-poo my hair (will explain if you want details) which will take about an hour. Then me and my daughter will watch a movie.

Oh, you're probably used to seeing me from my other site special Mom Space but when I post on blogger blogs it sometimes uses my default log in for my other blog.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I confess there are moments when JDaniel's room could look like this too.

Enjoy Cream Filled Doughnut Day on Thursday!

Corinne said...

What? No after photos? I applaud your courage to show us your piles. I'm not sure I'm so brave.

Loved this. Another Laughed Out Loud kinda posting.