Monday, September 19, 2011


On this dreary and rainy Monday here in Ohio I'm not feeling very wordy.  Gasp!  She who can write three paragraphs about her husband's holey underwear can't seem to find the vocabulary to describe the weekend.  This may have something to do with the aforementioned weather or the allergies that are making everyone's sinuses go wild or the fact that I decided today was the day I had to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon and really count my Points.  (That last one has an accompanying sugar withdrawal that tends to make me sprout horns and has The Inmates running for cover.)

So, with few words and lotsa color, I give you The Warden's Weekend:

On Saturday, the annual Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Tents full of yarn, supplies, and lots of demonstrations.

I love those supercilious llamas.

A nekkid sheep following the shearing demonstration.

Foghorn's favorite?  Getting a free chunk of fresh wool, still damp with lanolin.

Totally intimidated by those who not only knit but card and spin their own yarn.  Ack!
Foghorn making friends with the suppliers.

The Gathering takes place on the gorgeous grounds of Young's Dairy...

and they happen to sell ice cream that's out of this world.

Two hunks of merino/alpaca hand-dyed yarn from Ohio's  Roving Acres, waiting to be knit into a scarf for my mother.
On Sunday, the annual Loveland Art Show
All types of artisans and all types of goodies, from glass...
to pottery...

to sculpture.  (Mermaid-obsessed Foghorn's favorite.)

And, of course, the student art contest.  Foghorn had a lot of competition.

Of her two entries, WE actually thought the toucan (pictured in above photo on bottom left) was superior...

but the judges preferred her clown -- a mix of paint, marker, and paper mache hair.  The winner!

And while waiting for the judges' decision, Foghorn constructed a fairy house under a tree.

Habitat for Humanity Fairies.

As for that promised recipe, yesterday my mother made a Weight Watchers two-ingredient cake from a recipe that's been floating around the Internet.  It uses a box of cake mix and a can of diet soda.  As you can imagine, the combinations are endless.  My mother made a white cake with a lemon-lime soda and topped with a light cream cheese and lemon frosting.  GOOD!  Not so good I'd binge on the entire cake, but definitely good enough to take the edge off a cake craving.  You can get the full recipe at her blog, Lillian's Cupboard, here.

With the ugly weather today, I wish I could go curl up in bed with one of those wooly sheep and just sleep away.  I'll have to settle for a hound dog...or two...

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Anonymous said...

A really nice weekend between the Wool Gathering and the Loveland Art Show (and Foghorn's blue ribbon).

Anonymous said...

What an artsy weekend!!!! And congrats to your resident artiste!!! (I'm real partial to fairy houses--she did a great impromptu construction!)

Marcy said...

Looks like fun. I liked her artwork.

Corinne said...

What a beautiful, creativity-inspiring weekend you had! Thanks for sharing. p.s. - I want that cute llama!

Maggie said...

How nice you are inspiring your daughter's creative soul. That is one bad ass painting.

Anonymous said...

I'm envious - what a beautiful weekend you had!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Shannon the painting is so wonderful. She ws only 6 when she did that?
Glad to see it was appreciated.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We have tried that cake recipe! It works out really well!