Friday, September 2, 2011


Wishing everyone a happy, fun weekend, especially the Americans who will be celebrating Labor Day on Monday.  And if you're wondering what life will be like around here, I give you the silent footage Foghorn took with her little $20 digital camera the other day:

Yep, that's pretty much it, complete with howling dog.  She also took about a dozen shots of a gutter salesman with whom I was speaking on the front porch, taken surreptitiously from behind the curtain.  When I asked why she took so many pictures she replied, "Listen, he might turn out to be a murderer and when the police want a picture of him, I'll have it."

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Anonymous said...

Does she ever aim at something for more than a second? It won't help to have pictures of a murderer if they fly by like that.

Shannon Breen said...

Well, the murderer was snapped on regular photo mode. THIS was done on video mode, with her obviously running wildly from room to room with the camera in her hand. The dog didn't think she was Cecil B. DeMille either.

Kathie said...

I feel dizzy! ;-)