Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I previously mentioned (enough times to be annoying by now) that I adore Debbie Stoller, author of the Stitch 'N Bitch books, for her patterns and her humor and the new terminology that's entered my life.  Oh, and the acronyms.  Let's not forget the acronyms.

My love of acronyms is why I almost titled this post "S.E.X. in the Morning," but fear of lurking perverts trolling the Web and gawking at my children forced me to edit.  In this case "s.e.x." stands for  "stash enrichment expedition."  Translation:  yarn shopping!

I ran out to Hobby Lobby for three small skeins of cotton yarn for a very specific project.  I did not need more yarn.  I have half a dozen knitting books and a binder filled with printouts of free online patterns and I still don't feel competent enough to make anything more challenging than a scarf.  I also have a 3" x 5" card listing planned projects (meaning I have the yarn and correct sized needles and pattern), which could easily have me knitting through the 2012 Summer Olympics with no further purchasing.

Like I said, I went out for three particular skeins for one particular project  Yes, indeed, I did.  Can somebody explain, then, why I came home with this?

Foghorn and her kick-ass boots
It's that damn Hobby Lobby clearance rack!  They gotta quit putting $10 skeins of yarn on there at 60% off, especially when I plan on going to the Wool Gathering in Yellow Springs later this month and stocking up on yarn from family-owned businesses and sheep I can actually thank in person.  I already had half a dozen skeins, still in wrappers, that I picked up at an estate sale last month.  And then there was this past Saturday morning, when I went to the Truly Blest consignment store sale, and came home with a couple dozen clothing items, a pair of kick-ass boots for Foghorn...and three skeins of yarn...still in the wrappers.  I wonder if the Betty Ford Center has any options for my addiction?

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Anonymous said...

I used to do that with decorative painting books - as if getting more books made me more experienced. Not.

Kathie said...

Love the boots!