Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I often lament my lack of Camp Fire Girls awards and dwell on the one tiny red, white, and blue bead I earned in 6th grade.  A few months back you may remember I had been eyeballing a necklace my sister had created for her Etsy shop, made of vintage wooden Camp Fire Girls beads in that familiar red, white, and blue.  Well, I didn't get my thumb out in time and a complete stranger swooped in and bought it. 
Never fear!  Chester is here!  At the end of the epic Camp Gonnawanna this year, my sister (lovingly known as "Uncle Chester" to The Inmates) presented me with two hand-crafted gifts.  The first is a journal she created using the covers of a 1917 novel called The Camp Fire Girls at Lookout Pass, adorned with a string of the vintage Camp Fire Girls beads on the top ring.

The second present, which is really more an award for not throttling any children during Camp Gonnawanna, is a necklace made with those same vintage Camp Fire Girls beads, but all in my beloved, horrendously beautiful 70s colors of avocado, marigold, and tangerine (with purple thrown in as well).   Now that summer has ended and my Official David Cassidy Puka Shell Necklace has been lovingly tucked away in the jewelry box, I think it's time to put this little darling to good use.  And since I just took down my summer-themed family room knick knacks and reestablished the area as my Brady Bunch room, I think this baby will work nicely as a piece of home decor when not being worn.

My sister has been hard at work with some gorgeous vintage rose-shaped beads in an orange-y coral shade which she's pairing with black beads for some awesome Halloween-ish necklaces, as well as some with shades of light green and cream which I have my eye on.  (That's if those pesky customers don't get there first.)  In the meantime she's having a summer clearance sale and you can check out her shop here if you're interested.

And while we're on the subject of kudos for me (isn't that what we were talking about?), yesterday Corinne commented on my post No-Blog Tuesday that I didn't provide "after" photos of my two disaster areas.  Just to show, contrary to what The Vulcan says, that I did do something yesterday, I give you the excavated tidied "after" pictures:

I know...  It's not nearly as much fun as seeing all my crap, is it?  Don't worry, my friends, I have so many other condemned spots I could share that you can rest assured of your superiority over me.

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Anonymous said...

Love the necklace and I really love those two neat and tidy areas.

Chrissy said...

1. Hooray! I am now able to post comments on your page.

2. Your sister is very talented! Love the journal and your necklace.

3. Excellent work yesterday on your de-cluttering! Certain spots of my house look like that on a recurring/permanent basis.

Marcy said...

I love that idea for a journal.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I used to have boxes of those beads! Your sister should enter the contest.

Nancy Susanna Breen said...

Hey, I OFFERED you that red, white, and blue necklace! The 70s one looks very cool on your reassembled ceramic hand. (Did you have that up the other night? I didn't even notice the beads.)

Corinne said...

Ooh! The journal is really lovely!

Thanks for the "after" photos. I'm impressed and now have serious "Stash EXcavation" envy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, ouch! I am the "complete stranger" who snatched up that red-white-and-blue Citizenship bead necklace. But... I just want you to know that it's being worn and loved. I was a Blue Bird in the 1960s, but there was no Camp Fire group for me to join when I got older. The beads are my way of connecting with what I desperately wanted to belong to so long ago.


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