Thursday, November 24, 2011



  1. With the exception of Foghorn's outpatient visit, no one went to the hospital this year.  When you've spent as much time in the antiseptic healthcare kingdom as we have in the last few years, that's truly something to be thankful for.  (I can hear my mother and sister now screaming, "Don't jinx it!  Don't jinx it!")
  2. Perfect weather, perfect outcome, perfect day at Wrigley Field.  (Go Cubs!)
  3. A new minivan with doors that actually open without being kicked.
  4. The adoption of our beloved St. Jimmi (even she does have a penchant for chewing my antique books).
  5. My mother getting over her bronchitis/pneumonia well enough to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  My sister and I in the kitchen trying to put it together would be have been too tragic for words.
  6. A kick-ass Paul McCartney concert.
  7. A kick-ass David Cassidy concert, during which my beloved took my hand.  (And I don't care what those other b*tches thought, he liked me best.)
  8. My newly-acquired obsession for knitting.
  9. Discovering Mad Men.  (I know, I'm several years late to the party, but I quickly made up for it by buying all the seasons on dvd.).  Many happy hours spent with knitting in my lap, licking the television screen admiring Jon Hamm's acting.
  10. My fabulous family and friends who were there for me as usual.  (I'll even include The Vulcan in this -- he's getting me a new purse for Christmas.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Anonymous said...

You had a lot of great experiences this year. Aren't you thankful for the chaos that Foghorn and occasionally the Professor create?