Monday, February 27, 2012


I promised myself that by this week I'd have an even dozen hats ready to ship to Bright Connections for their trip to the orphanage in Kiev.  I had ten finished going into the weekend and then I hit the wall.  Midway through #11 I became totally sick of hats.

Thankfully the Oscars were last night and sitting on my couch for three hours didn't seem like a waste of time at all if I was making my twelfth hat in the process.  So about the time my beloved Jean Dujardin was winning his Best Actor Oscar, I was doing the last rows of decrease on the cap.  And right after The Artist won for Best Picture, I wove in the last bits of yarn.  Yes, I was manic about wanting The Artist to win and I don't care what my sister says, Jean deserved the Oscar over Clooney (but maybe just by that much).  I was a little bummed Viola Davis didn't win, but otherwise I considered it a successful night.

And I won my award by finishing this project and not having to make another damned hat for the next six months.  Freedom!


* Fear Not The Fair Isle


quilt32 said...

That's quite an accomplishment.


steph said...

goals are good!! and what a great cause! Congrats!

Debbi said...

Your hats are beautiful, and isn't stranded knitting fun? I haven't done any in a while, but you're inspiring me!

DeliaKnits said...

Congrats on your "win"! They look amazing!