Thursday, February 23, 2012


In her post today, the wonderful Alison over at Embrace the Struggle tagged me to tell eleven random things about myself and to answer her eleven questions.  Then I'll keep the fun going by tagging eleven bloggers myself and give them a list of questions.  

And without further ado, eleven things you never wanted to know about me:
  1. I'm a huge Beach Boys fan and my high school class ring has picture of a surfer under the stone.
  2. As a toddler I had such tight curly hair that my mother couldn't get a comb through it without the help of detangler.
  3. I kissed the real Blarney Stone.
  4. I have my mother's brains and my father's personality (heaven help me).
  5. I have brown eyes, my husband has blue, and both our children have a hazel-greenish eye color that exists nowhere else in either family.
  6. I love roller coasters.
  7. My thigh circumference is the same as a super model's waist.
  8. In a childhood fit of Addams Family-mania, I made tombstones and crosses out of popsicle sticks and put them in the backyard so I could see my "cemetery" from my bedroom window.
  9. I hate my long nose (and, as my sister recently discovered, that little bit between the nostrils is crooked).
  10. I had pink-tinted hair in high school.
  11. I have four piercings in each ear although I rarely wear eight earrings at once.
  12. I provide a taxi service for a neighborhood dog named Buddy, who shows up at my house when he's wet and tired.
  13. I'm 5'4" tall and I'm the "tall one" in my family.
  14. I love Buster Keaton movies and if I'd had a boy the second time around I was going to name him Keaton James.
  15. I didn't go to my prom.

And now to Alison's questions:

  1. What's your #1 pet peeve?
    People who nearly run me off the road fiddling with their cell phones instead of driving.
  2. What facial feature do you find most attractive on the opposite sex?
    Broad shoulders.
  3. Are you a clutterer or a neat freak?
    Clutterer...big time.
  4. Which subject were you the worst at in high school?
    Science, especially biology and chemistry.
  5. Dogs or cats?
    I have both, but I only intentionally got the dogs, so I'd have to vote for the canines.
  6. Who was your favorite child star growing up?
    Melissa Gilbert (goes with my Little House obsession).
  7. What skill do you still want to master?
  8. If you had unlimited money and time and didn't have to work, what would you do daily?
    Knit, read, watch t.v., and help out with shelter dogs.
  9. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
    Scooby Doo.
  10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  11. Which social cause interests you the most?
    Animal rights.

11 Questions for My Tagees:
  1. Who is your favorite singer (or band)?
  2. Cary Grant or George Clooney?
  3. Cancelled t.v. show you miss the most.
  4. Most annoying habit.
  5. Best facial feature.
  6. Favorite season and why.
  7. Did you see The Artist?
  8. Favorite book as a child.
  9. Have you seen the first person you kissed in the last 10 years?
  10. Favorite movie made before 1970.
  11. If you have children, who are they named after?  If you don't, who is your pet named after (or what inspired the name)?
  12.  Sidney Poitier or Denzel Washington?

  13. What country would you like to visit before you die?

  14. Have you ever seen a dead body in person?

  15. Favorite book or movie that makes you want to eat.


  1. Post these rules on your blog.
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions set for you by the person who tagged you.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
  5. Let them know that you tagged them.
  6. You legitimately have to tag 11 people, but if you don’t know 11 bloggers, tag as many as you can.



Marcy said...

Thanks for the tag. Fun facts!

Alison said...

This is some good stuff, Shannon! I know what you mean about the hair challenges. Still dealing with them.

So... what was up with the pink-tinted hair in high school? *smile*

I'm amazed at how many bloggers claim to be introverts. I think blogging is an escape valve for many of us.

I really like your questions for your tagees, especially the one about the favorite cancelled tv show you miss the most. I have so many it's not funny. It's like, if I like a show: boom, it's cancelled. So I look at less and less tv and read more and more. LOL!