Thursday, October 25, 2012


I recently read Life is Not a Stage, Florence Henderson's memoir of her years in show business.  Regular readers of this blog know I have a slight 70s obsession.  I'm wild about all things Partridge and Brady and owl-ish and Mystery Machine flowery.  Well, I read in Carol Brady's Florence Henderson's book that she reads all the e-mails sent through her website and responds.  I didn't quite believe that, but I went ahead and sent a message anyway, telling her about my obsession with love of the show and how my daughter and I watch the show regularly together and what a fan I am.  And this came in yesterday's email:!  Carol Brady wrote to me!  I showed my daughter and bounced in my seat and forwarded it to my mother and sister and then read it a couple more times.  Ranks right up there with touching David Cassidy's hand.  Later Foghorn came in to ask if I wanted to watch The Brady Bunch.

"You mean watch my best friend?  Of course I wanna watch!"

"Mom!" she squealed.  "She's not your best friend."

"She wrote to me!  Right here!"

"She wrote you three lines."

"Nope,  nope.  We're besties.  BFF's.  Me and Carol Brady," I chirped.

Foghorn rolled her eyes and then said in her most condescending tone, "Mom, you really need to grow up."

Whatever...  Even she can't piss in my Wheaties today!  I'm in some groovy, bell-bottomed 70s heaven and feel like I'm floating six inches above my green shag carpet.

** NOTE:  Over the years I've been asked what I said to Florence Henderson to make her "laugh out loud."  In my email to her I wrote that I had been impressed by her work over the years but especially when she went on Dancing with the Stars (in her late 70s, no less).  I then said, "I mean this in the most loving and respectful way but you've got balls!"  Apparently she liked that.  R.I.P., Mrs. Brady.


Anonymous said...

Although I was never a big fan of the show, I applaud Florence Henderson for reading and answering her e-mails. I think your message and hers should be printed out, framed and placed right next to that big picture of David Cassidy.

Nancy Susanna Breen said...

Why didn't you also post your original message? THAT was a great part of the story as well! (And readers need to know how and why you made Flo laugh out loud.)

Marcy said...

How cool! Brady Bunch re-runs were a daily staple after school when I was a kid (along with Gilligan's Island). Good times.

Christy @ My Invisible Crown said...

Ha! Now ou made ME laugh out loud! I, too am a fan of anything 70's. I mean that's what we did as kids, play outside from dusk til dawn and then watch all kids of tv. You'ew making me nostalgic for that time when I was a kid. Great post and congratulations! :)

Pride In Photos said...

I have to agree with Nancy...Wishing your would of posted your email. would of loved to see what made her laugh so hard. Happy SITS Saturday to you!!
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

Mothering From Scratch said...

{Melinda} How fun is that??? My daughter and I love watching Saved By the Bell reruns together. In fact, we're watching an episode right now! :) Think Zack would reply to my email if I wrote him?? :)