Sunday, April 29, 2012


The top secret Easter knitting finally got finished and distributed to the recipients. For my mother and sister I decided to try out my recently acquired Fair Isle knitting skills on some socks. For the warmer spring months, I opted for cotton instead of wool, in this case Rowan's Siena yarn.

For my friend Lori's dog, my beloved Tristan, I couldn't resist knitting up a new tug-o-war toy. I used the Nummy Bunny pattern (found free on Ravelry here) and did it in springtime colors of lavender, light blue, and yellow. It ended up being much bigger, and taking much longer, than I anticipated, but I think it turned out pretty cute. Of course I know the thing will be destroyed within the month (if not within the first week), but I always get to see pictures of a joyful hound enjoying his new toy with his schnauzer brother and that makes it all worthwhile.

My beloved with his brand new toy.

My beloved a couple weeks later, surrounded
by the bunny's guts.  Can you see the big
piece of stuffing hanging from his mouth?

On the subject of Tristan, as I've mentioned before Lori is raising money for the rescue group Recycled Doggies via her weight loss efforts. Well, in big news this week she finally passed the 50 pound mark! She has been working so hard, exercising religiously, and I'm so proud of her for sticking with it even when the scale wasn't moving as quickly as it should. Of course she's looking so much fitter now that her scale really doesn't matter. She's currently in training to do the 5K at this year's Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon. If you're interested in helping out a good cause, please consider sponsoring the Dog-Lbs. team. (You can read more about it on her blog here.)

The Inmates, their Uncle Chester, and I will also be at the Flying Pig next Saturday, taking part in the kids' Final Mile for the third year in a row. Starting early in the year, the kids log their miles on a chart with the goal of getting to at least 25. Then they complete the 26th mile on a course near Great American Ballpark downtown, thus having completed the same mileage as a marathon (just stretched out over several months). Given the pathetic state of my feet (I live in Birkenstocks) this is as close as I will ever come to doing a marathon. Fortunately parents can sign up as well so the kids have someone to walk with and we get medals too. I'm just crazy about those little metal piggy butts (or maybe I should say medal piggy butts). Get your oink on!


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quilt32 said...

Those lavender socks ae wonderful. As the the Flying Pig, I'll be cheering everybody on while I sit at home and sew.